Socotra CorePlus™ Auto

Modernize your personal auto insurance offering with a complete end-to-end solution –
integrated and market-ready – connecting you to the industry’s best software

Socotra puts you in the driver’s seat

Get ready for maximum speed with a complete insurance IT solution specifically tailored for personal auto, powered by Socotra Connected Core and seamlessly integrated with industry-leading software and data providers via the App MarketPlace.

With Socotra CorePlus Auto you can:

  • Complete personal auto quotes faster and more accurately

    Instantly see pre-filled vehicle risk attributes and details with VIN and eliminate manual duplicate effort and increase accuracy with pre-filled customer data

  • Increase agent and policyholder satisfaction

    Provide policyholders with a digital customer experience to capture more quotes and accelerate sales

  • Modernize your personal auto insurance

    Get access to innovative software to reduce costs and risk - using AI to predict claims severity and frequency, and more


The flexibility and control you need to plug into the tools you want

Socotra CorePlus Auto is ready for rapid deployment as a configurable, off-the-shelf solution that eliminates the risk, time, and expense of typical insurance integrations. With ready-to-go access to Socotra’s ecosystem of software and data providers, you can add or change app suppliers at any time, ensuring that your system is future-proof.


Out-of-the-box, Socotra CorePlus Auto includes:

Policy Core

Powering innovative insurers with the most modern PAS in the industry, Socotra Connected Core.

Unified Portal

Seamlessly connect agents, brokers, customers, and insurance companies.

Underwriting Workbench

Streamlines applications and processes by providing improved risk insight to underwriters.

Distribution Management

A holistic view of producers and a more efficient means to manage those relationships.

Claims Management

Simplify and improve the customer claims experience with Snapsheet Claims Management.


Offer online payment options to policyholders with Stripe Payments.


Socotra App MarketPlace

This off-the-shelf solution combined with unique flexibility means unparalleled control over your tech stack choices, and the ability to pick and choose what works best for your business.

Leverage your investment in existing applications, advance your capabilities, and quickly and easily choose additional apps available on the Socotra App MarketPlace, including:

Fenris Auto Prefill

Instant report of drivers and vehicles in one search. Save time and increase conversions.


Floatbot allows insurers to interact through Conversational AI Voicebots and Chatbots across 15+ customer-facing channel.

Nuon AI for Motor

Optimise profitability and pricing performance with real-time AI.

GhostDraft Documentation Generation

Drive speed to market and digital transformation with an intuitive policy document generation app.

Vehicle Lookup (NHTSA)

Automatically populate vehicle data from VIN.



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