Amp up your speed to market with instant access to leading insurance software and services.

Socotra App MarketPlace is an insurance industry breakthrough, offering instant access to an ecosystem of pre-integrated software and data services through modern API technology.

Built on Socotra’s cloud-native and API-driven platform, the App MarketPlace empowers insurers to instantly connect to a wide array of apps that improve every aspect of the insurance value chain, including data providers and platforms, rating, document management, payment processing, claims user interfaces, customer communications, esignatures, and third-party app publishers.

This advanced solution speeds your time-to-market through lightning-fast integrations that enhance your new products and features, providing you with the agility needed to compete in today’s dynamic insurance industry.

See the App MarketPlace in Action (DIA Munich)

Experience the flexibility and speed of the App MarketPlace in this on-stage demo recorded at DIA Munich, as Socotra CEO Dan Woods and Product Lead Victor Fateh walk through an example of underwriting an auto policy. Watch them add, pause, and remove an app, as well as restart, upgrade, add new fields, even move to a different region and more – in real-time.


The Socotra App MarketPlace features a wide selection of apps from the insurance industry’s leading providers that:


Add value to your product offering

The core platform with the best open APIs

True cloud with continual upgrades and automatic scaling

Instantly add, update, or swap out apps

30 partners image

Read more about the Connected 30 and their apps now available on Socotra App MarketPlace in our new report.

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MarketPlace apps can be made operational quickly, inexpensively, and without disruption to current operations through Socotra’s Policy Core platform. Apps can be selected, integrated and made operational within hours through a browser-based user interface – eliminating the need for IT integration projects.

Easily accessible apps mean fast and inexpensive integration, with no disruption to current operations. New features and upgrades are seamlessly added with no need to make code changes to other parts of your infrastructure.