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Insurance Everywhere, All At Once: 5 Tips for Developing Successful Embedded Insurance

At ITC DIA Europe 2023, Socotra Chief Business Officer, Ekine Akuiyibo, takes the stage with Chief Product and Technology Officer of Domestic & General, Seb Chakraborty, to talk about getting started with one of the industry’s hottest trends: embedded insurance.

In this session, Ekine and Seb discuss the embedded journey and the 5 success factors that must be considered when you plan this new insurance offering.

Using the Ecosystem to Accelerate Speed to Launch: A Real-World Example

Irene Paguio, Senior Deployment Strategist at Socotra, joins the stage at Insurtech Insights USA 2023 with members of the Ledgebrook executive team: Gage Caligraris, Founder and CEO; Nathan Hall, CTO; and Adrian Copland, Ledgebrook Advisor. Watch and listen as they share their experiences around creating a modern, tech-forward specialty insurance startup and quickly rolling out new products to market.

Ekine Akuiyibo, Socotra Chief Business Officer, Interview at ITC DIA Europe 2023

During ITC DIA Europe in Barcelona, FF News chats with Ekine Akuiyibo, Chief Business Officer at Socotra, to learn more about Socotra’s cloud-based core insurance platform that empowers insurance companies to efficiently design, launch, and manage innovative insurance products.

Ekine Akuiyibo, Socotra Chief Business Officer, Interview at ITC Asia 2023

Ekine Akuiyibo, Chief Business Officer at Socotra, is interviewed at ITC Asia 2023. He shares his thoughts on startup challenges when working with a major insurer, lessons learned in his role, his perspective on the industry’s current performance and future outlook, and what “the future of insurance” means to him.

“Maximizing ROI through Speed-to-Market” Webinar with Coretech Insight

Breakthrough independent research by Coretech Insight analyst Jeff Haner quantifies speed-to-market and ROI with incumbent vs. cloud agile solutions in three common carrier scenarios.

In this 30-minute webinar recording, you’ll learn how to apply this methodology to your operation to maximize your speed-to-market and ROI.

Dan Woods Teaches us the True Meaning of ‘Out of the Box’ – Carpool Conversations

Socotra CEO Dan Woods joins FF News’ Douglas Mackenzie as a guest for the first episode of the new season of Carpool Conversations.

In this episode, Dan shares about the intricacies of cloud technology, how his musical background has helped his career, and Socotra’s unique approach to the insurtech marketplace.

How AXA and Socotra Developed an Embedded Insurance Service for a Ride-Sharing Platform

At Insurtech Insights Europe 2023, Socotra CEO Dan Woods and Founding Partner at astoryaVC, Florian Graillot, discuss how a ride-sharing platform smoothly introduced embedded insurance to its customer base through Socotra’s API-based infrastructure, and launched faster (compared to a legacy core system) through Socotra’s off-the-shelf platform.

Entering the Rapid Connection Age – TED-Style Talk at InsurTech NY 2023

Socotra CEO Dan Woods at InsurtechNY 2023 Spring Conference share his insights on the latest insurtech trends as carriers everywhere enter the Rapid Connection Age of Insurance IT, and how modern, productized software, true cloud, and open APIs are revolutionizing the speed at which insurers can deliver innovative products.

App MarketPlace Demo at DIA Munich 2022

Experience the flexibility and speed of the App MarketPlace in this on-stage demo recorded at DIA Munich, as Socotra CEO Dan Woods and Product Lead Victor Fateh walk through an example of underwriting an auto policy. Watch them add, pause, and remove an app, as well as restart, upgrade, add new fields, even move to a different region and more – in real-time.

The Time is Now – Insurance Leadership Enters the Rapid Connection Age

Check out this moment at ITC 2022 where Mindi Work; Symetra Chief Strategy Officer, Brian Poppe; Mutual of Omaha Chief Data Officer, and Marcus Verrall; Rollin’ Insurance CTO discuss the evolution of the insurance technology space for carriers.

Technology Leadership Around the Connected World

Discover how insurers can improve every aspect of the insurance value chain with a seamlessly connected ecosystem. Panelists discuss how data and modern technology are transforming underwriting and claims, as well as enabling distribution models like embedded insurance.

Panelists: Dan Rosenthal, Chief Revenue and Operations Officer at Root | Jon Soberg, Managing Partner at MS&AD Ventures | Rachel Olney, Founder and CEO of Geosite Inc. | Nigel Walsh, Managing Director for Insurance at Google Cloud and host of InsurTech Insider

Socotra Unified Portal Demo

Watch Chuck Wilson, Director of Business Development and Deployments at Socotra, go through a demo of the Socotra Unified Portal, a digital experience for agents and policyholders to help acquire new business to access and update policy information from a servicing standpoint.

MGA Founders Podcast

Tyrre Burks – CEO of Players Health

Watch how Tyrre launched Players Health, a risk services and insurance firm focused on athletes and sports organizations. Learn about the importance of risk management and insurance for amateur sports and recognizing the value of applying manual process learnings to improve your automation.

Matan Slagter – CEO of Armadillo

Listen in as Matan Slagter talks about making the leap from a large established insurer to founding his own startup, what it’s like to launch a company during Covid, and how he recruits new partners for his home warranty company Armadillo.

Preetam Dutta – CEO of Elpha Secure

Socotra CEO Dan Woods is joined by Preetam Dutta, Co-Founder and CEO of Elpha Secure. Elpha Secure is a cyber MGA serving small and midsize businesses. It provides them with proprietary cybersecurity technology and full insurance coverage.

Andrew Jernigan – CEO of Insured Nomads

Hear Andrew Jernigan talk about starting a travel insurance business at the beginning of the global pandemic, how early travel experiences inspired the idea for his business, and how he got his start in insurance.

Podcasts Featuring Socotra

The Insuring Cyber Podcast – EP. 59: How Insurers Can Harness the Power of AI

Dan Woods, Socotra’s CEO, speaks with The Insuring Cyber Podcast host Elizabeth Blosfield from Socotra’s Connected PlatForum event ahead of InsurTech NY’s Spring Conference to discuss artificial intelligence and the role it plays in the future of the insurance industry.

FNO: InsureTech Podcast – Episode 201 with Socotra CEO, Dan Woods

Dan Woods chats with Rob and Lee at FNO: InsureTech Podcast on the success of Socotra, insights on insuretech and embedded insurance, and much more.

The Reinventing Finance Podcast – Episode 24 with Suleiman Sukkar from Socotra

Suleiman Sukkar, Director of Business Development and Deployments at Socotra, chats with Nikolaus from KASKO and Tom from Viisi Mortgages on what differentiates Socotra from other policy admin systems, what it takes to launch new products, third-party integrations and co-developments with clients, and much more.

Cloud, Core Systems & Socotra’s App Marketplace : Dan Woods, CEO, Socotra

Dan Woods chats with Alex at FinPro and covers a wide range of topics from revolutionizing core systems, making changes for efficiency, Socotra App MarketPlace, and much more.

Dan Woods, CEO at Socotra, Interview with Insurance Nerds

Dan Woods chats with Tony from Insurance Nerds about Socotra, the first truly modern core insurance system that is truly cloud and trusted by many insurtech MGAs as their policy admin and underwriting system and much more.