Tech-driven MGA accelerates growth by migrating entire book of business to Socotra

This case study highlights a high-growth MGA and insurtech company that is committed to leveraging modern technology to deliver greater transparency, customer advocacy, and a frictionless user experience.

With an expanded product portfolio and broader customer base from a recent acquisition, the company is poised for rapid growth. But to get there, they needed to migrate their entire book of business from a rigid incumbent system to Socotra, a flexible core platform offering simple integrations.

Learn how Socotra is helping this tech-driven MGA to:

  • Migrate in 18 months for only 10% of the cost of a competing platform, resulting in $32 million in savings
  • Reduce the cost of on-going IT maintenance and support by 6% for approximately $30 million in savings in 2024
  • Power differentiated products with easy integrations for its product chassis, portal, claims, and AI and machine learning capabilities

Watch the demo to see how Socotra can drive immediate value for your MGA

Socotra offers intuitive APIs and simple tools for configuration, quotes, policy administration, and reporting. Fill out the form to see what agility and flexibility really look like with a modern core platform.


Take control of your data and destiny

Stand up your platform and products in as little as two months with the partner of choice for innovative and ambitious MGAs. Socotra is the first cloud-native platform empowering MGAs to rapidly launch new programs and respond to changing customer demands with minimal effort and costs.

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