De-risking core transformation with insanely valuable proofs of concepts

About the webinar:

Evaluating an insurance core platform isn’t easy. It’s a time-consuming process involving RFPs, sales demos, yet little hands-on time with the product. In the end, you may have spent many hours and thousands of dollars only to get locked into a platform that’s not right for your project and business goals.

How can you de-risk your business transformation before you purchase your core?

In this webinar, Socotra’s Solutions Engineer, Nik Long, and Socotra’s Director of Marketing, Harsh Shah, will share their real-world advice about how to structure a low-risk, high-value proof-of-concept project before fully committing to a core provider.

In this free webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Ideal uses for a (virtual) POC
  • Why proof-of-concept projects fail and how to increase their success
  • How best to prepare for a proof-of-concept project
  • The four must-haves for insanely valuable proofs of concepts


Harsh Shah, Director of Marketing, Socotra

Harsh Shah is Socotra’s Director of Marketing. Prior to this role, Harsh led relationships with some of Socotra’s largest customers and partners. Before Socotra, Harsh managed partnerships and marketing for mobile products at Google and AdMob.

Nik Long, Solutions Engineer, Socotra APAC

Nik Long is the lead Solutions Engineer for Socotra Asia Pacific. With a background in Software Development and Solution Design, he’s been leading digital transformation projects for many global businesses in the UK and Australia for over 20 years.

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