Why personal auto insurance is changing and how insurers can compete

About the webinar:

Consumers live online — from banking to ordering groceries to connecting with friends and family– and they’re rewarded for their digital lifestyle with choice, personalization, and convenience. When it comes to their personal auto insurance, consumers expect the same experience and benefits from their insurance provider but are often left frustrated and disappointed.

How can personal auto insurers close an ever-widening customer-satisfaction gap to better serve their customers?

In this webinar, Socotra’s Head of Marketing, Harsh Shah, and Solutions Engineer, Victor Fateh, will draw from their experiences advising personal auto insurers on building next-gen products to discuss how an agile core platform can help insurers stay competitive and improve customer experiences.

In this free webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • How evolving customer expectations are creating challenges and opportunities for personal auto insurers
  • Four questions insurers should be asking about their own portfolio and go-to-market approach
  • How an agile core platform can increase flexibility, speed to creation, and simplify product changes
  • What agility and flexibility really look like with a modern core platform, including a live demo


Harsh Shah, Head of Marketing, Socotra

Harsh Shah is Socotra’s Head of Marketing. Prior to this role, Harsh led relationships with some of Socotra’s largest customers and partners. Before Socotra, Harsh managed partnerships and marketing for mobile products at Google and AdMob.

Victor Fateh, Solutions Engineer, Socotra

Victor Fateh is a Solutions Engineer for Socotra and works with our customers, including Nationwide, AXA, and TONI to design, develop, and deploy their next-gen insurance products.

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