Socotra is designed to incorporate product development best practices. We listened to complaints from insurance executives and IT teams. We understand your problems and priorities and have made them ours. We've created a set of platform services that enable everything to be configurable. The technology platform that runs each instance of Socotra is robust, scalable, and testable. Furthermore, there is peace of mind knowing that your data is encrypted, safe, and auditable.

Our platform is made for the 21st century

Ekine's intro for technology differentiation

You are empowered

We know that each insurer is different. We've made core insurance operations easy to perform and, at the same time, have enhanced your ability to tailor every aspect of the policy workflow as you see fit. The only constraint now is how innovative you can be.

Scalable and Robust

Socotra utilizes industry-accepted first principles for building a SaaS platform in the cloud and applies those to insurance operations.  By utilizing proven patterns and underlying technology that are part of high performance engineering organizations, Socotra is able to focus on its mission: Building a reliable, scalable platform where agility, performance and safety are priorities.

Data is accessible but secure

One of Socotra's core value propositions is to ensure that your organization has the power to create, manage, retrieve, and update both customer information as well as organizational information safely.