The rules of CoreTech

have changed

Instant access. Open APIs. Continuous and zero-cost upgrades. No downtime, ever.

The future of insurance platforms is here.

Average customer goes live from project start

3x faster

Average customer during implementation

Saves 50%

After going-live

Upgrades $0


Modernize your past or forge your future

Our flexible product model enables you to build engaging products and experiences that your customers want. Create any type of insurance product, for any region, and distribute it any way you choose. Create lines of business as standardized as you have today or as innovative as you need for the future with minimal effort.

Continuously Improving

Living software that keeps getting better

At Socotra, we see our platform as living software. Because we are the first true-cloud platform for insurance, our upgrades are continuous, automatic, and free. That means Socotra keeps growing, adding new features, and improving. The result is complete, up-to-date software without interruption and unnecessary costs to you.

Ready, out of the box

Customization not required

As a true product, Socotra is ready to use on day one. That means we don’t need to spend your time and money building a custom solution for your project. Instead, you can start configuring your insurance product and seeing real value right away.

  • Efficient

    Quickly connect and configure

  • Fast

    Make product changes in minutes

  • Effective

    Integrate with existing systems


Deploy faster with open APIs

Socotra is completely transparent. We’re the only core insurance platform with open APIs and publicly-available documentation ( This allows insurers and their choice of implementation partners to quickly and efficiently create, connect, and configure something real.


Buy proof,

not pitch decks

Forget about pitch decks and RFPs. At Socotra, we think you deserve to know from day one if a core platform will meet your needs. That’s why we are the only insurance core system that offers a complimentary 30-day license. Build a proof of concept and see our platform’s capabilities first-hand.

Create Value

Drive operational efficiencies

  • Scale automatically

    By leveraging modern DevOps tooling and infrastructure, our platform autoscales, so as your business grows, we meet that demand automatically.

  • One and done

    With Socotra, you only need to configure your entire product once. Our cohesive platform automatically carries the product definition across the entire suite, resulting in cheaper implementations.

  • Accessible anywhere

    Since Socotra is built on top of AWS, you can build, configure, access, and integrate Socotra from anywhere at any time.


A seriously powerful insurance platform out of the box

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