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Satisfy producers and policyholders alike with one mature solution

Fully configurable and thoroughly mature off the shelf. Say goodbye to incomplete, siloed components and experience the power of a turn-key offering that gives you the technological advantages you need to stay relevant and competitive.

The industry’s most mature policy administration system

The only true cloud-native insurance platform, ready on day one with publicly-documented open APIs and seamless automatic updates. Built to scale as your business grows, Socotra accelerates your ability to bring innovative ideas to market by eliminating the rigidity and expense of heavily-modified legacy software.

 Get the control and flexibility needed to compete in today’s insurance market and lower your total cost of ownership.

Say goodbye to risky, time-consuming integration projects

No specialized knowledge or bespoke programming languages required – ANY software developer can configure and implement Socotra right now. Plus, our platform offers built-in encryption for your customer data and end-to-end platform security, and Socotra maintains ISO 27001 certification and has SOC 1 Type 2 certification.

Protecting people in need is easier than ever with the most mature insurance technology platform on the market

Truly cloud-native

Built from the ground up as a true SaaS platform, Socotra gives you the benefits of world-class application architecture.

Highly flexible

Create differentiated insurance products quickly and easily, with the full power of the insurance ecosystem at your fingertips for rapid innovation.

Easy integrations

Say goodbye to complex custom development and hello to efficiency. Socotra's open APIs let you focus on delivering exceptional products and services.

Unparalleled reliability

The industry’s most frequently upgraded PAS is also the industry’s more reliable PAS, with weekly upgrades and >99.995% uptime.

End-to-end security

State-of-the-art encryption, access controls, and continuous monitoring.

Always up to date

Multi-tenancy and continuous upgrades with zero downtime.

Built-in compliance

Effortlessly meet and exceed complex compliance requirements.

Deploy with ease and increase operational efficiency

Speed your new and updated products to market, streamline workflows, and improve operational response time while reducing TCO.

Take advantage of our simple configuration, open APIs, and App MarketPlace™ that offers value-added insurance apps and data services so you can focus on your unique business differentiators.

Award-winning recognition

Recognized by global organizations as an award-winning company and leader in innovation

See it in action, put it to work

Try out our platform by configuring a usable insurance product you can bring to market on day one.