From cloud to containerization, the last decade has seen astounding technology advances that have transformed our daily digital experiences.  While these advances have swept quickly through some industries, others are still in the dark.  Insurance is a $4.5T industry with universal needs, but no modern technology for performing its core operations.

Where others see frustration, Socotra sees opportunity.

Socotra has assembled proven data technologies to deliver the first productized core insurance operations platform.  Socotra began two years before “InsurTech” became the most exciting enterprise frontier, and today it’s perfectly positioned to power the new, tech-forward insurers of tomorrow.

To take its mission to the next level, Socotra is expanding rapidly.  It is seeking to grow its team of engineers who are experienced in enterprise technology and design.  Socotra is also growing in business development specialists, experienced in insurance or enterprise software, and passionate about making substantive change.

Why does it matter?

Insurance is the world’s primary financial safety net, and it is one the world’s most data-driven industries.  A percentage efficiency increase in in this industry moves the world economy.  Therefore, the impact of modernizing insurance technology will be staggering.

Additionally, an open and productized platform brings new light to insurance technology professionals, who are currently locked into proprietary and outdated customizations that are tedious to maintain.

Since Socotra is the only company of its kind, the future of core insurance technology depends on Socotra’s future execution.  It matters.

If this sounds exciting, write us at careers@socotra.com.

Our Engineering Culture

At Socotra, development is just the beginning. We believe our code doesn’t solve problems until it’s in the hands of our users. To that end, we’ve prioritized automation, continuous improvement, and experimentation.  We encourage our engineers to think big and we give them unconstrained access to tools that support them in their efforts. We’re positioned to implement fundamental software infrastructure that will directly benefit hundreds of millions of people.