Quick start guide to building an InsurTech MGA in 2022

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What you’ll learn in our quick start guide to building an insurtech MGA in 2022

Insurers today have access to more data than ever before, enabling them to improve risk assessment, reach untapped markets, and deliver outstanding customer experiences. As a result, a new class of tech-driven managing general agents (MGAs) is emerging, blazing trails and building innovative products for underserved customers.

The founders of these emerging MGAs may come from various backgrounds, but what they have in common is the understanding that technology is the key to unlocking these fresh opportunities. Building any new business from scratch, however, comes with its fair share of challenges. 

In our new guide, get key steps on how to:

  • Develop a business strategy that differentiates your rating, underwriting, and distribution
  • Define your technology strategy with a partner that makes it fast and affordable to launch, iterate, and integrate your products
  • Leverage investor, carrier, and technology relationships to the fullest

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Tune in to the MGA Founders Podcast, where Socotra CEO Dan Woods chats with innovative MGA founders to learn their stories, challenges, and visions.

In the first episode, Dan chats with Nestor Solari, Co-Founder and CEO of Sigo Seguros, who shares his experiences launching an insurtech MGA and best practices for aspiring founders.


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