[Case Study] How Mutual of Omaha charted a remote course to the cloud

January 27, 2021

A century-old life insurer transforms their policy operations with Socotra.

In 2018, Mutual of Omaha shifted its customer contact operations to a cloud computing platform. The transition to more modern technology led to enhanced operational efficiencies and customer experiences. Enticed by the potential of cloud technology, Mutual of Omaha formed a collaborative team called Enterprise Business Platform Labs (EBPL) to deliver a new business platform architected entirely in the cloud.


The first product the EBPL team took on was also one of Mutual of Omaha’s most complex: disability income insurance. The EBPL team planned to relaunch Mutual of Omaha’s disability income product on a digital platform so that it could be quickly delivered to the company’s distribution channels. However, Mutual of Omaha’s legacy system lacked the required speed and flexibility to do so.


Mutual of Omaha found a perfect partner in Socotra. Socotra’s cloud-native architecture enables a simple plug-and-play construction while our thorough documentation and open APIs provide guidelines for easy configuration. By partnering with Socotra, the EBPL team could quickly and remotely develop an insurance product that resonated for Mutual of Omaha customers.

With Socotra’s help, Mutual of Omaha created a collaborative and secure online application process that gives policyholders access to virtual advice on their coverage options. This streamlined process reduces hand-offs and increases application transparency, which leads to increased customer satisfaction.

In addition to applying the new cloud architecture to other lines of business, Mutual of Omaha continues to improve and optimize the disability income insurance product platform based on customer feedback, incorporating new capabilities and bug fixes in weekly updates.

To see how Mutual of Omaha significantly lowered its “run” cost on Socotra compared to other legacy solutions, download the case study here.