Venture capital and the future of InsurTechs ebook

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What you’ll learn in this ebook about venture capital and the future of InsurTechs

As the insurtech ecosystem continues to expand, the funding landscape has also evolved. There are more investors interested in the space, but also more startups than ever before. For insurtech founders, having a unique vision for a product may not be enough to secure capital.

So, what can founders do to improve their chances of attracting investor attention? Tiffine Wang, Partner at MS&AD Ventures, shares what she looks for in insurtech startups and provides insights for founders seeking investment.

In this ebook, learn:

  • What VCs like MS&AD Ventures look for in a startup
  • Five investment considerations important to investors
  • How founders can make or break the investment decision
  • Emerging trends in insurtech attracting investor attention

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