Socotra Connected PlatForum NY 2024

Socotra Connected PlatForum NY 2024 will bring together industry executives to discuss the role of technology in powering the insurance industry. Join us for an afternoon of can’t-miss interactive sessions with industry leaders from Mutual of Omaha and Jetty, followed by a networking reception!

An Insurtech Insights badge pickup booth will also be available at the event so you can bypass the registration line and enter the conference much faster.

About this event

Socotra and our co-sponsors, Amazon Web Services, Worldpay, Unqork and Cincom, are bringing together insurance executives to discuss and debate scalability, the power of the core, and how insurers can benefit from early adoption.

A networking cocktail reception will follow the program.

Specifically, PlatForum attendees will be able to gain insights on how best to position their own organization for the future, including what technologies to incorporate and what trends to keep an eye on in the industry.

While there, attendees will also be able to learn more about Socotra and how our modern core platform can empower you to gain business agility, accelerate innovation, and reduce costs. Plus, attendees can meet our partners, Amazon Web Services, Unqork, Cincom, and Worldpay, and get an get an exclusive look at our enterprise-grade solution (what we believe to be a true insurance industry game-changer!)