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An agile core to forge your future

Despite the magnitude of the insurance industry, it lags in modern technology. And for an industry that’s built on the transfer and analysis of data, a next-generation technology platform to power its operations is paramount. This is where Socotra comes in.

What makes Socotra different?

Natively architected in the cloud

Socotra is the first cloud-native platform for insurance. It’s not merely cloud-enabled, and therein lies a significant distinction. Since we are architected in the cloud–not first built on-prem and then uploaded to the cloud–our customers reap tremendous rewards: multi-tenancy, continuous and zero-downtime upgrades, flexibility, and scalability.

Continuously Improves

Cloud-native means that Socotra is continuously improving. Our upgrades are continuous, automatic, and free without customers experiencing any downtime or interruption to their service. And since every customer is on the same version of Socotra, a feature for one is instantly a feature for all. Think about that. The Socotra you buy today will be even better tomorrow. 

Grows with you automatically

Our platform grows with you. Whether you are migrating a book of business or expanding your product offerings, Socotra affords customers of all sizes virtually limitless scale and flexibility.

Seamlessly integrates with external systems

Socotra is the only core insurance platform with open APIs and publicly-available documentation. Because our APIs are readily available from our documents page (, insurers and their implementation partners can easily connect the Socotra platform to their internal and external systems, saving valuable time.

Create any type of insurance product

With Socotra, you can create nearly any type of insurance product you can imagine. And that product will be agnostic to the line of business, geography, and distribution channel. Our flexible product model provides the agility customers need to design products as standardized as you have today or as innovative as you need for the future with minimal effort.

Free Trial

Try before you buy

Create a proof of concept in record time

Why not take Socotra for a spin? Socotra is the only insurance core system that offers a 30-day complimentary license and always-available API documentation, allowing customers to make an informed purchasing decision without any up-front costs.