Socotra U: Scaling our partner ecosystem for seamless implementations around the world

May 11, 2021

Congratulations to the newest class of Socotra U, our virtual cross-partner training program! Just last month, 25 developers from Pyramid Consulting, NeST Group, Radity, and ExpandTheRoom became certified to scope and deploy the Socotra platform to launch any insurance product, in any currency and location in the world.

“I’d like to welcome our recent graduates to the Socotra partner community, which currently includes EY, Deloitte, PwC, Cognizant, First Consulting, and IBM,” said Ekine Akuiyibo, VP of Business Development and Deployments. “Our partner ecosystem is growing rapidly, giving our global customers many more implementation options. This greater flexibility means Socotra customers—no matter where they are located—will continue to receive first-class product delivery, accelerating their speed to value and ensuring seamless, end-to-end integrations.”

Over eight online sessions, our instructors simultaneously trained 25 developers across three continents on the Socotra platform, including cloud-native architecture, robust features, APIs and integration points, product design, and use cases. Each developer received a license for full platform access and built out an entire line of business, from configuration to life cycle events and workflows.

As COVID-19 became a growing concern in early 2020, Socotra U also pivoted from in-person to virtual instruction—a transition that’s made training more accessible and affordable. Developers from multiple firms can be trained in the same online sessions, reducing costs and enabling cross-partner collaboration. With Socotra U, partners can train and certify as many (or as few) developers as they like.

“Socotra planned and executed a flawless training despite differences in time zones, language, and culture,” said Ozgur Aksakal, Founder of Zurich-based Radity. “The instructors were very motivating and inspiring to all the attendees. Our developers are excited to help insurers migrate from legacy systems to Socotra’s modern core.”

Joining the Socotra partner community

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