Product Launch Playbook: 5 hard-earned lessons from the trenches of insurance innovation

What you’ll learn in this playbook

Survival for carriers and insurtechs alike depends on the ability to launch new products quickly and on a budget — all while tailoring them to customer demands.

In this playbook, you’ll learn 5 important and hard-won lessons learned by top insurers that you can implement into your product launch process.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • What are the minimum features required for a product?
  • Which methodologies minimize waste while maximizing results?
  • What are some processes to automate or integrate for non-admitted insurance products?
  • How do you determine priorities after your product has gone live?

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5 hard-earned lessons from the trenches of insurance innovation


How a multinational insurer launched a digital-first auto product while reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction

Partnering with Socotra, the insurer launched their new digital product in just ten months, whereas deploying a comparable legacy system typically would have taken at least two years. Because of this increased speed-to-market, the insurer could significantly save on implementation costs.