Underwriting & Rating

Create rules and rates that are specific to your business needs and update them as circumstances change. Underwriting can be versioned and permissioned so that policy decisions can be made by the right parties.

Calculate rating

Our powerful rating engine supports table-based, factor-based, and algorithmic rates, all of which can be tied to user-entered inputs or easily connect to an external rater.

Automate workflows

Automate underwriting processes and streamline exceptional cases for analysis and decision. Socotra integrates with your business process management system for routing, notification, and handoff between your users.

Define user permissions

Administrators are empowered to decide the boundaries for their users at the individual and group levels. Limits can be dictated by product, by action, by policy size, and by coverages selected.

Version rating

Socotra can track which policies were generated under each rating version, empowering insurers to track cohorts of policies or conduct A/B tests.

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