MGA Founders Podcast

Tune in to hear innovative MGA founders discuss their stories, challenges, and visions. 

EPISODE 12 // OCT 2022

Tyrre Burks, CEO and Founder of Players Health

Hear how Tyrre launched Players Health, a risk services and insurance firm focused on athletes and sports organizations. Learn about the importance of risk management and insurance for sports and the value of using manual processes before automating.


EPISODE 11 // SEP 2022

Preetam Dutta, CEO and Founder of Elpha Secure

While attending a large cybersecurity conference, Preetam Dutta noticed something: many small business were being left out when it came to cybersecurity protection options. So he decided to do something about it. Hear how he applied a PhD in Computer Science to launch a cybersecurity software and insurance company, the large opportunity he sees in the SMB space, and what he considers the most common cyber threats small businesses face today.

EPISODE 10 // SEP 2022

Matan Slagter, CEO and Founder of Armadillo

From homeowner complaints about their warranty plans to poor distribution channels, Matan Slagter saw an insurance space that was broken. To fix it, he launched Armadillo, a subscription-based home warranty provider. Listen in as he discusses his transition from AIG to founding his own startup, the importance of a strong founding team, how to recruit partners, how he’s reimagining home warranty, and much more.

EPISODE 09 // SEP 2022

Gage Caligaris, Founder and CEO of Ledgebrook

Giving wholesale brokers a quick and easy-to-use quoting experience was at the heart of why Gage Caligaris set out to launch Ledgebrook. Hear how he made the transition from actuarial work to the founder of an insurtech startup — and what he sees as the most striking and consequential difference between startups and established insurance companies right now.

EPISODE 08 // AUG 2022

Martin Young and Dustin Walsey, Co-Founders of Buckle

As ride-sharing companies began to shape the gig economy, Buckle founders Martin Young and Dustin Walsey saw an opportunity – and a gap to fill in the insurance industry. Listen in to hear about how they started Buckle, some of the unique insurance needs within the gig economy, and what they think the future holds for the intersection of the insurance and ridesharing industries.

EPISODE 07 // AUG 2022

Andrew Jernigan, CEO of Insured Nomads

Traveling the world in and after college, Andrew Jernigan quickly realized two things: 1) He wanted to make traveling his life and 2) the world needed better travel insurance products. This planted the seed for his company, Insured Nomads, whose mission is to make traveling as safe and smart as staying at home. Listen in to hear his journey of starting a travel insurance business at the start of the global pandemic, the products he chose to focus on, and what makes Insured Nomads unique in the world of travel insurance.

EPISODE 06 // JULY 2022

James Hobson, CEO of Attune

Making smaller policies enticing to brokers so that they can support local businesses. That was the central challenge James Hobson set out to solve in founding Attune Insurance. Learn how he was able to attract brokers and why the future of insurance requires technology to solve key issues for small and large companies alike.

EPISODE 05 // JUNE 2022

Dustin Lemick, CEO of BriteCo

Dustin Lemick is the founder and CEO of BriteCo, a personal property insurtech focused on streamlined jewelry appraisal and insurance. Hear how Dustin’s experience in jewelry led him to insurance and how his early networking efforts led to key partnerships. Learn how it all led to the development of a smarter point-of-sale insurance product that jewelry retail stores rely on.

EPISODE 04 // JUNE 2022

Douglas Ver Mulm, CEO of Stable Insurance

Meet Douglas Ver Mulm, Co-Founder and CEO of Stable Insurance, an MGA focused on insuring and providing tools for vehicle owners in the mobility economy. Hear Doug explain the “mobility economy,” which includes rideshare, carshare, and delivery vehicles. Doug shares how he built the company with a lean team of experts, including a rideshare insurance veteran, how insurtechs and incumbents can cooperate with one another, even when they’re competing.

EPISODE 03 // MAY 2022

Carey Anne Nadeau and John Henry, LOOP

Learn how Carey Anne and John launched LOOP, an insurtech MGA based in Austin offering fair and equitable car insurance for all. Find out how they broke into the competitive auto insurance market using data-driven insights, developed their MGA business model and go-to-market strategy, and approached finding a modern core platform that could support their vision.

EPISODE 02 // MAY 2022

Philippe Regazzoni and Alexander Sanders, TONI Digital

Learn how Philippe and Alexander launched TONI Digital, an insurtech MGA based out of Zurich offering an insurance-as-a-service platform. Find out how they broke into the competitive Swiss insurance market and managed the demands of starting and scaling up.

EPISODE 01 // MAR 2022

Nestor Solari, CEO of Sigo Seguros

Hear how Nestor launched Sigo Seguros, an insurtech MGA offering transparent, reliable, and affordable personal auto insurance for the Spanish-speaking community. Learn how he broke into the insurance industry, obtained reinsurance, and gained insights from other founders.


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