Socotra Unified Portal

Seamlessly connect agents, brokers, customers, and insurance companies—all on a unified portal powered by the industry’s most advanced policy core. Socotra Unified Portal enables you to easily create user experiences and automated workflows that accelerate speed-to-market, increase engagement, and drive revenue.


Create intuitive agent and customer experiences in weeks—not months—with the only unified portal purpose-built for insurance

Streamline your sales channel with a single front-to-back platform

Launch any insurance product for any channel or geography with a modern unified portal powered by an advanced policy core.

By relying on a single trusted platform partner for both the frontend and backend, you can reduce implementation complexity while streamlining data capture and operations.

Drive revenue with a customizable digital portal

Reduce friction in the buying process by providing agents and customers with convenient and personalized user experiences. Socotra Unified Portal enables you to easily build a branded portal that is highly configurable and designed for mobile devices.

Agents can collaborate with customers on a secure, shared application that reduces manual entry and drives conversions. Your insurance company can also launch a direct-to-consumer channel with an intuitive and conversational interface.

Innovate and scale with minimal effort and expense

Create seamless user experiences and automate processes in weeks, not months—all with a lean team. Go live fast with pre-built workflows for quote and bind, policyholder service, and claims. Easily integrate any third-party technology for application pre-fills, rating, documents, payment processing, and more.

After go-live, make portal changes in minutes, and easily expand to new channels or geographies. Because the platform is true cloud, you can instantly scale, reduce cloud-hosting fees, and get new features through automatic upgrades with zero downtime or costs.


Modern tools to build modern user experiences

Out-of-the-box insurance workflows

Get started fast with pre-built workflows for quote and bind, policyholder service, and claims.

Process automation

Drive efficiency with seamless data capture, streamlined workflows, and advanced analytics.

Complete personalization

Deploy a white-labeled portal with role-based customization. Easily configure forms and add reflexive and responsive questions.

Collaborative experiences

Enable agents and customers to collaborate on secure, shared online applications with proactive communications.

Simple self-service

Agents can manage their entire book of business with customizable dashboards. Customers can buy and manage policies and make claims through an online self-service portal.

Future-proof technology

Stay agile and competitive with flexible and always-up-to-date technology built on true cloud, open APIs, and a microservices architecture.


The roadmap paved by two of today’s pioneers

Agents and customers are demanding more convenient user experiences than ever before. Hear from Dan Woods, CEO of Socotra, and Chuck Wilson, the creator of Socotra Unified Portal, as they discuss how insurers can leverage a modern front-to-back platform to launch innovative insurance products that satisfy the needs of today’s agents and customers. 

Socotra acquires Avolanta to add unified agent and customer portal to its advanced policy core

Learn more about how Socotra is providing the insurance industry’s most open and agile platform, accelerating innovation and speed-to-market.