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Now more than ever, drivers expect choice, personalization, and convenience from their personal auto insurer. Socotra’s agile core platform empowers insurers to elevate the customer experience, stay ahead of the competition, and drive financial growth.

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Socotra empowers you to rapidly develop personal auto products and experiences your customers want and distribute them any way you like. Fill out the form to the right to see what agility and flexibility really look like with a modern core platform.

Average customer goes live from project start

3x faster

Average customer during implementation

Saves 50%

After going-live

Upgrades $0

Lower TCO

Our continuously improving platform means that personal auto insurers enjoy a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). As a true-cloud provider, there’s nothing to maintain, reducing upfront capital expenditures. And once you’re live, product upgrades are continuous, automatic, and free.

Launch 3x faster

Our cohesive platform is ready out of the box with nothing to customize. This saves our personal auto customers valuable time and is just one reason why they can accelerate their product development—on average, our customers go live 3x faster than legacy systems.

Reduce cost of change

With Socotra, personal auto insurers can make product changes and updates in record time. Changing rating, adding policy documents, or form fields take minutes, not months. Expanding your personal auto products into additional geographies is also an order of magnitude faster and cheaper and can be done without software upgrades.

Reach new markets

Acquire and retain customers by creating innovative personal auto products and experiences they want. With Socotra’s flexible product model, you can easily create digital-first experiences or modernize existing products to provide your customers with next-level personalization and convenience.


A seriously powerful insurance platform out of the box

“We at Aite Group believe that Socotra should be part of the conversation for any carrier looking to evolve.”

Jay Sarzen, Senior Analyst, Aite-Novarica Group

Read our blog to see why Aite-Novarica Group gives Socotra highest marks for product performance.

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