Report: Socotra App MarketPlace Connected 30

Meet the 30 visionary technology providers
now available through Socotra App MarketPlace

With Socotra App MarketPlace, insurers can finally connect multiple technology services just by clicking to install apps, and it
works—instantly. This means faster product launches and lower maintenance costs. Because insurers can instantly update or
swap out apps within Socotra App MarketPlace, it’s easy to stay updated and meet changing needs with the latest technologies.

Every piece of software is continually upgrading and improving without downtime. And all the effort insurers currently spend
on maintaining redundant code is instead spent creating stronger differentiators that can benefit end customers.

Together, the Connected 30 offer a wide range of advanced technologies that support insurers in myriad ways, from better
risk assessment and personalized pricing to improving customer experiences to automating processes for underwriting,
communications, and claims.

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How a multinational insurer launched a digital-first auto product while reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction

Partnering with Socotra, the insurer launched their new digital product in just ten months, whereas deploying a comparable legacy system typically would have taken at least two years. Because of this increased speed-to-market, the insurer could significantly save on implementation costs.